• For sawmills

For sawmills

In Sawmills the treatment of trees producing large amounts of sawdust. Management of this waste in a rational manner conducive it Improving the competitiveness and profitability of the Sawmills. Technology for Our lines Pelletizing is based on low-carbon tumble dryers, Which, with very high efficiency Effectively Dry the sawdust without changing Their color for darker. A final product that is desired in the market so. pellets can become for sawmill additional source of income. The location of the pellet production line at or near the sawmill is the best solution for Leveling the high costs of transportation of raw materials. This is a much better solution even for a line of small efficiency. Location and low workload with automated pellet production gives a very low cost for pellet production.

Przykłady realizacji lini peletujących dla tartaków